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Understanding the functions of each structure of a microscope
Release time:2017-12-13 browse:1469second

The function of the microscope:

First talk about the object lens

The relationship between the length of the objective lens and the ratio of the ratio:

The length and multiplying ratio of the object lens is related to the longer the objective of the objective, the higher the rate is, and if the object is in turn, the shorter the lens, the smaller the rate will be.

The relationship between the length of the eyepiece and the ratio of the eyepiece:

The eyepiece is the opposite of the object lens, the longer the length is, the smaller the rate is, the higher the reverse length is, the higher the rate is.

What does the magnification of the microscope have to do with the goggles and the objective lenses?

The ratio of the multiplier of the eyepiece by the objective is equal to the total magnification.

For example, if the eyepiece is 20 times the 15 times the object lens, the ratio of the total magnification is equal to that of the eye.

300 times as bad as it is

Coarse and fine adjusting wheel

The role is used to focus the pitch first by using a coarse adjustment device to find a target and to use a fine tuning device to locate a clearer image

The aperture of the camera aperture and similar aperture the larger the number of open space and the smaller light is concentrated, to observe the use of mode in high rate

An object mirror converter (the object mirror conversion device is like a tray.)

A variety of multiplying lenses are usually fixed to the rotating disk. When we change the multiplying rate, we turn the rotating disk. When the position is right, it will be a good card to show.

The lens of the objective lens aims at the spotlight hole

When using a microscope, adjust the light source not too bright or too dark to be observed.

The first observation with low magnification, and then use the coarse and fine adjustment wheel adjustment, jump out of the image of the object after the change according to the requirements