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What are the classifications of the microscope?
Release time:2017-12-13 browse:1504second

It is generally divided into optical microscope and electron microscope

There are many classifications of optical microscope. There are biological microscope, mainly used to see some transparent or translucent liquids and powder objects. They are mainly used for microbiological examination, as well as regular South inspection in hospitals.

The stereoscopic microscope is mainly used to look at some of the relatively large objects, such as some circuit boards.

Metallographic microscope, mainly used to look at metal, chip, opaque objects, etc.

A polarizing microscope, mainly used to be an object with a single refraction or birefringence, such as a lithofacies, liquid crystal, fiber, and so on.

A fluorescent microscope, a sample that needs to be irradiated with a special band of light, usually in the light of fluorescence,

A tool microscope or a measuring microscope is mainly used for some industrial measurements.