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It's very simple to master the steps of these microscopes
Release time:2017-12-13 browse:1522second

The microscope is not a stranger in our daily life. Maybe you are familiar with the composition of it, but do you remember the steps of its operation? Although we have some knowledge about the textbook in junior high school, we can't remember it. Next, let's learn to know together.

First, take the mirror and put it in place

We must be careful in using a microscope, using the right hand to hold the arms, the left hand to hold the mirror seat firmly. This is just the first step and must be careful to avoid damaging the microscope. Then you have to put the microscope on the test bed, the position is a little bit left, then the eyepiece and the object lens can be installed.

Second. Light to light

At this time we will slowly turn the converter so that the low power lens should be right to the quasi - light hole. One point should be strictly followed by the operation of the microscope. At this time we need the left eye to aim at the eyepiece, and the right eye can open. When we have completed the observation, we can draw a picture on the paper. You can also constantly adjust the reflector according to the brightness of your vision.

Third. Observation

This is a very important step, of course, we have to make preparations ahead of time and put the objects to be observed on the platform. Press tightly with the press. Then we need to slowly rotate the coarse quasi focus spiral, and let the lens barrel gradually decrease. The distance depends on the distance between it and the object piece, so long as the distance is proper, at the same time, the eye also wants to look at the objective lens. The next step is like this, and the left eye is looking at the eyepiece, but it is worth noting that the reverse turns. A focusing screw and barrel to slowly rise, proper rotation until you see the image so far. Then turn the fine focusing spiral, which will make the image more clear.

The operation of the microscope is very simple. As long as you look at the relevant knowledge and follow the steps above, you can quickly master this technique. It is very helpful to do some experiments with microscopes and do some experiments for us. At the same time, it also helps us to understand more microbes.